Victoria is a writer, academic researcher, former pro bikini competitor, and lifelong hungry girl. Here you can find her work regarding our complex relationships with our food and our bodies.

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Episode 27: Myth Busting – Fitness Models The Hungry Girl Podcast

This episode examines some common misconceptions regarding fitness models. It is based on my personal experiences of being a bikini and fitness model competitor; and working as a fitness model for stage bikini and gym clothing brands. This is the inside scoop on what it takes to be a fitness model, and how it’s not always what it seems….
  1. Episode 27: Myth Busting – Fitness Models
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  3. Episode 25: Male Bodybuilding (2) – Muscle Dysmorphia: Cause & Treatment
  4. Episode 24: Male Bodybuilding (1) – What is Muscle Dysmorphia?
  5. Episode 23: Myth Busting – Anorexia Recovery